HikeStrong 2010 Team PCT
We headed out Saturday about noon and made it down to Old Station, CA to help out the Heitman's (trail angels) late Sunday afternoon. Stayed there a day, got alot of work done for them and headed south again on Tues. I would usually say taking the scenic route is the way to go, but we crammed all four of us in the front of a pickup and needless to say it's been an interesting trip down.

Lat night we arrived in El Centro and checked into a hotel. When I pulled the covers back on the beds, there were bed bugs everywhere. We tried just switching rooms but same thing. Yeh we were pretty freaked out. So we decided to just do another place. I still quiver when I think about it...yuk! The place we ended up staying in is really nice...and CLEAN! Got some authentic Mexican from the place down the street...mmmmm!

We will head down to kickoff in Lake Morena later today. The weather is stormy, it will be an interesting start. Last year it was hot and sunny. I fear when winter is finally over. The snakes are gonna be seriously grumpy. Sun we will start heading north and hopefully make it to Warner Springs by Thurs. I know that myself and the Norwegian can easily make it, but my daughter Typhanie, who is not a hiker, will be hiking til there along with us. I'm excited for her to see what it is like, even though only for a short time.
mike "landslide" shearer

it was good to meet you, stumblin, and your daughter
at the ko. i am looking forward to hearing how the journey is going. hopefully things go good for Typhanie. we were talking on the way home and decided the first place we would like to meet you guys is kennedy meadows. when do you think you will be there, i know its a ways off as much notice as possible would be great. let us know if you need anything before then.

Sugar Moma

hey that would be totally awesome! I don't have my dates with me at this time but I will let u know as soon as I get a chance. We're flip flopping in Tehachapi so it will be later on...thanx again and see y'all soon! hugs

James Ruedo

If there were really bed bugs in the room, you could be entitled to some serious cash! he he he he!



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