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HikeStrong 2010 Team PCT
so it's not necessarily on the trail...I'm still in Idllywild at the State Park camping....hey it's only three bucks a night! Six guys from San Diego rolled in last night and after learning that I was hiking the PCT and came back alone sick and that Stumbling was still hiking, they offered me dinner...then this morning they offered me coffee and breakfast...of course I said yes....mmmm. And learning about the trail and about trail angels, they have decided that they are who knows...we might some new angels lurking on the trail! WOOHOO! So I'll be in Big Bear some time this weekend meeting up with the crew. It's kinda a bummer that I'm skipping this area b/c it's one of my favs but I got a call from Stumbling last night and b/c of the snow they haven't even done 20 miles in two days. So being that I'm sick and not so strong it's a good thing for both of us that he continued without me until I am feeling up to hiking again...hugs to everyone and thanx for all ur comments and luv!
5/18/2010 21:49:41

hey i hope you are feeling better. i have done some research on TVP and what i have found is the stuff i sent you was pretty crappy, sorry for that. so i found a guys you tube channel and you and stumblin are on his videos!1 it was a pleasant surprise. hope things are going well. hope to talk to you soon.


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