HikeStrong 2010 Team PCT
hey y'all, we're in julian, CA. Yeh i know we should be further. The 60-80 mile an hour winds are just kickin our butts! yeh really that bad....last night the guy line on the tent busted and the winds were blowing so hard it kept unzipping our tent and we had atleast 20 mph winds INSIDE the tent! craziness! We saw a couple of mean funnel clouds while hiking but never a funnel so whew! we are warm now though in a hotel. We hated doing that so soon into the hike, but we were just not having any fun and haven't slept in two days. We got tossed into the bushes and knocked off the trail too many times to count. Plus the rain and it got down to the 30's last night which meant with the wind factor prolly in the teens...brrr!

Erik has serious blisters on his lips and my allergies are off the chain! Typh and Mad Monte got off trail in Mt laguna. Typh was having a blast but her pack was just gnawing away at her shoulders and hips so she couldn't take anymore. She's already picking up the lingo and loves hanging with all the trash! She is gonna thru hike next year! WOOHOO!

the head shaving for Locks of Love was a total BLAST at kickoff! We recruited four others, so total four girls and one guy with shaved heads and many feet of hair for the wigs for kids! WOOHOO! Firefly did the honors with my hair. It took an hour, no lie, to get through this thick mass of hair I once owned..hehe. I now have a mohawk! i am in the library so sorry no pics yet...soon my lovelies soon!

well, hope everyone is doing great and we'll see y'all soon! 

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