HikeStrong 2010 Team PCT
well we finally made it passed the 100 miles mark. We're in Warner Springs now. Got in yesterday. When we arrived to pick up our resupply box at the resort, we found that it had been opened and rummaged thru. All of our gear to go up San Jacinto in the snow and ice is missing along with our food. Fortunately, Erik's brother and sister in law met us here and are doing their best to save us how ever they can. I'm really bummed b/c my tent that I love soooo much was in the box. Our spikes to go thru the ice and snow are missing so we're not sure how we're gonna get up the mountain yet but the food is replaceable...kinda. Most of it anyways. Being that I am veggie there are some items, like protein powders, etc that can't be replaced in such a small town it won't be available. But we'll make it I'm sure.

The weather, on the hand, has finally taken a turn for the better. It still gets chilly at night and sometimes a bit windy, but the days are unbelievably beautiful! San Jacinto/Idyllwild got snow a few days ago and some hikers who were up there this past weekend made it thru one section ok without the spikes, but when it melts and gets hard that's another story. I guess well see when we get up there.

I posted pics of  the head shave...have fun laughing lol
5/3/2010 05:28:41 am

I have an ice axe (new condition) and Henry Shires Virga 2 tarptent (it's a one person version of the Squall 2) that I'm not using at the present and could send them to you. Email me if you could use them.

Verdick '05

Sugar Moma
5/14/2010 04:53:17 am

Hey Verdict, thanx for the awesome thoughtfulness...we're doing good so far. Norwegian's brother came out from San Diego and rescued us! The hiker community is awesome and apparently very close...I appreciate all the kindness.Thank you to all the community and family or it would be a rough journey...hugs


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