taking the trail one day at a time... - HikeStrong 2010 Team PCT
HikeStrong 2010 Team PCT
well this year has definitely been an adventure for ever to remember. First we had the crazy winds, then our gear food was taken, I fell and busted my knee again and also got a rock in my face...felt like I got punched, then much more snow than last year on San Jacinto...lost the trail for a few hours and spent the night out there...bbrrrrr....got into Idyllwild early Sun afternoon (beautiful and very hiker friendly) the winds kicked up again and we were expecting snow at the pass yesterday, so we decided to stay until today but then i woke up this morning with a mean sore throat and ear ache. Went to the organic vegan restaurant and got the most fantastic Thai coconut soup ever and some licorice mint tea and I'm feeling better after a nap. We're gonna try to get out of here in the morning...keep your fingers crossed for us....it's been a wild ride fo sho! Hope to be in Big Bear by this weekend!

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